Shotokan Shield Open Karate Championships 2015

Venue 360, Luton – 20th June 2015

Mens Shield Winners

  • Winner Mike Grimwood (SEKU) – 64 Points
  • 2nd Joe Crowe (SEKU) – 55 Points
  • 3rd Leon Gordon (SKCE) – 40 Points

Ladies Shield Winners

  • Joint Winners Vicky Adams (SSKI) – 70 Points/Cristy Nash (SSKI) – 70 Points
  • Joint 2nd Alexandra Merisoiu (SKCE) – 35 Points/Arisa Bunsan (SKCE) – 35 Points
  • 3rd Emma Hood (SKCE) – 30 Points

Boys Shield Winners

  • Winner Joshua Han (SKCE) – 56 Points
  • 2nd Fraser Wilson (SEKU) – 50 Points
  • 3rd Oliver Hood (SKCE) – 44 Points

Girls Shield Winners

  • Winner Hameen Khan (SEKU) – 65 Points
  • 2nd Aine Maunder (SEKU) – 52 Points
  • Joint 3rd Timiah Shorter (SKCE) – 30 Points/Chloe Jones (ASK Kiryoku) – 30 Points

Junior Shield Winners

  • Winner Crystal Close (SSKI) – 37 Points
  • 2nd Nabil Miah (SSKI) – 32 Points
  • 3rd Shakeel Miah (SSKI) – 25 Points

Category 14 – Childrens Junior Kata

  • 1st Crystal Close (SSKI)
  • 2nd Shakeel Miah (SSKI)
  • 3rd Nabil Miah (SSKI)
  • 4th Ben Reilly (TKMA)

Category 13 – Childrens Senior Kata

  • 1st Joshua Han (SKCE)
  • 2nd Oliver Hood (SKCE)
  • 3rd Joydeep Shil (SSKI)
  • 4th Hameen Khan (SEKU)

Category 6 – Ladies Individual Kata

  • 1st Vicky Adams (SSKI)
  • 2nd Cristy Nash (SSKI)
  • 3rd Hannah Mercer (SKCE)
  • 4th Rhiannon Hackman (SKCE)

Category 5 – Mens Senior Kata

  • 1st Mike Grimwood (SEKU)
  • 2nd Leon Gordon (SKCE)
  • 3rd Tom Carson (SSKI)
  • 4th Mark Raven (ASK Kiryoku)

Category 15 – Childrens Team Kata

  • 1st SEKU (Aine Maunder, Fraser Wilson & Hameen Khan)
  • 2nd SKCE ‘C’ (Emily Wettasinge–Lopez, Nancy Dowidar & Timiah Shorter)
  • 3rd SKCE ‘A’ (Oliver Hood, Rosie Hubbard & Joshua Han)
  • 4th SSKI ‘B’ (Joydeep Shil, Chris Cooper & Stephen Barton)

Category 7 – Adult Team Kata

  • 1st SSKI ‘B’ (Tom Carson, Vicky Adams & Cristy Nash)
  • 2nd SKCE ‘C’ (Anas Jorboua, Leon Gordon & Curtis Wilmot)
  • 3rd SEKU ‘B’ (Mike Grimwood, Ben Hobbs & Harry Miller)
  • 4th SEKU ‘A’ (Joe Crowe, Steve Gibbons & Tom Croft)

Category 12 – Childrens Sanbon Kumite

  • 1st Cameron Nash (SSKI)
  • 2nd Nabil Miah (SSKI)
  • 3rd Crystal Close (SSKI)
  • 4th Habib Al Haddad (SSKI)

Category 10 – Boys Individual Kumite (Smaller)

  • 1st Abdulrahmen Eldwiny (SKCE)
  • 2nd Cory Swinfield (SEKU)
  • 3rd Joshua Han (SKCE)
  • 4th Marwan Dowidor (SKCE)

Category 11 – Girls Individual Kumite

  • 1st Hameen Khan (SEKU)
  • 2nd Chloe Jones (ASK Kiryoku)
  • 3rd Aine Maunder (SEKU)
  • 4th Nancy Dowidor (SKCE)

Category 19 – Boys Individual Kumite (Taller)

  • 1st Oscar Hughes (SEKU)
  • 2nd Issac Goldward (SKCE)
  • 3rd Joydeep Shil (SSKI)
  • 4th Rohan Mahyalagan (JKS Harrow)

Category 3 – Ladies Individual Kumite

  • 1st Cristy Nash (SSKI)
  • 2nd Vicky Adams (SSKI)
  • 3rd Ciara Daniels (Kokoro Karate)
  • 4th Chantay Lewis (SKCE)

Category 12 – Mens Individual Kumite

  • 1st Joe Crowe (SEKU)
  • 2nd Leon Gordon (SKCE)
  • 3rd Mike Grimwood (SEKU)
  • 4th Anas Jarboua (SKCE)

Category 16 – Childrens Team Kumite

  • 1st SEKU ‘A’ (Aine Maunder, Fraser Wilson & Cory Swinfield)
  • 2nd SEKU ‘B’ (Oscar Hughes, Hameen Khan, Sharyar Khan)
  • 3rd SKCE ‘A’ (Oliver Hood, Rosie Hubbard & Joshua Han)
  • 4th SKCE ‘B’ (Issac Goldward, Timiah Shorter & Abdulrahmen Eldwiny)

Category 8b – Ladies Team Kumite

  • 1st SKCE (Alexandra Merisoiu, Arisa Bunsan & Emma Hood)
  • 2nd SSKI (Vicky Adams, Cristy Nash & Ciara Daniels)

Category 16 – Mens Team Kumite

  • 1st SEKU ‘A’ (Mike Grimwood, Steve Gibbons & Joe Crowe)
  • 2nd SEKU ‘B’ (Ben Hobbs, Tom Croft & Harry Miller)
  • 3rd SSKI ‘B’ (Casper Mahoney, Chris Allen & Adam Cockfield)
  • 4th SKCE ‘B’ (James Baldwin, Matt Cooper & Tom Carson)

Sat 20th June saw the inaugural Shotokan Shield Open Karate Championships hosted by Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International at Venue 360 in Luton. Historically, Shotokan competitors have always competed in both Kata and Kumite, with many Legends of the art such as Kagawa Sensei, Yahara Sensei, O’Neill Sensei, Brennan Sensei and Junior Lefevre Sensei excelling at both disciplines in the same event. Therefore this competition was designed to celebrate this and find Shotokan’s best All–Rounder! Competitors from six different organisations competed across the four major events: individual kata, individual kumite, team kata and team kumite in order to win the Shield having amassed most points over the day. It was designed with the competitor in mind with various tweaks such as electronic scoring on the desks and event warm up areas (rather than sitting at the edge of the mat getting stiff so spectators can see!), which all added to the event. The format of the event saw the winner of each category get 20 points, 2nd get 15, 3rd get 12, 4th get 10 and 5th to 8th get 5 points.

Each category was keenly contested with a high standard in all of the finals and most categories went down to the last Team Kumite Event to decide the winner. Congratulations to this year’s Shield winners: Mike Grimwood from SEKU (Mens), SSKI pair of Vicky Adams and Cristy Nash who shared the shield after finishing on exactly equal points and placings, SKCE’s Joshua Han in the Boys category, Hameen Khan of SEKU in the Girls and finally a very smiley Crystal Close of SSKI in the novice category. Thank you to SEKU, SKCE, ASK Kiryoku, TKMA and JKS Harrow for sending teams, all of the competitors who competed hard with both quality and the right attitude and finally a massive thank you to all of the Referees, Judges and desk officials who kept the event running smoothly and on time. Both organisers, referees, coaches and competitors left looking forward to next year, which will be even bigger and better