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JKS 2011 England Open Shotokan Karate Championships

Nottingham – 17th November 2011

Ladies 16–18yrs Cadet Kumite
3rd Arthi Niranjan

We only took six competitors to this very prestigious tournament, which was absolutely packed with competitors and spectators alike, with many spectators having to stand for the whole day’s proceedings. We were very unlucky in certain categories and had some very harsh refereeing decisions go against us. It does seem that in many tournaments that we enter it is a case of if your face fits etc etc, I do tire of poor refereeing decisions and in many cases blatant cheating by certain referees and judges always plumping for their own students. Also, I personally think it is disgusting when you go to certain tournaments where there are three, four or indeed sometimes five of the same association in all the refereeing and judging chairs. I’m not saying they are all cheating but when there is a very close decision to be made when one of their club or association students are competing, they nearly always take the very biased view and give the decision to their own club or association’s student. I have seen this now for many years but I really do think that this year (2011) it has been very noticeable. I cannot think of another sport that has this problem and I know it is hard to rectify but I do think it is up to the Chief Referee or the organisers to see that any refereeing panel has different association referees or judges in all the positions on the day.

Also, I personally thought some of our six competitors looked a little tired after the Portsmouth Open the week before and perhaps two major tournaments in eight days is too much. Well done to Arthi who did very well to win the third place play’off match against a good competitor and to bring home our only medal on the day. Daniel White sensei did extremely well to make the men’s senior kata final and Adam Cockfield sensei also fought really well and made the quarter–finals of the men’s senior kumite event. The senior events on the day had a huge amount of competitors entered in them and most of these events had between 60 and 80 entries in them. I think one plus was that the tournament started dead on time and ran smoothly throughout the day on the three areas. It meant that we all got home at a reasonable time. Another long day but a good one and that is it for another year for outside tournaments. It has been a good year and well done to all the squad and its coaches.

Arthi Niranjan making a point to take the bronze medal!