SSKI Instructor Profiles

National Team Coach
Adam Cockfield Sensei 5th Dan

Adam was born in Luton in 1982 and was always fascinated by Martial Arts films and stories from his Dad of his brief experience with Karate in the 1970’s. Adam began training in a small working men’s club hall in January 1992, after a bad start (his Dad’s quote on watching his early Karate lessons “he was rubbish, completely un–coordinated”) Adam’s enthusiasm for training shone through and his instructor at the time, known only as “Noddy“, suggested Adam go and train with his original instructor, Sensei Jamie Harrison.

Adam trained with Jamie and SEKU (Shotokan of England Karate Union) for four years until Jamie and his wife moved away to Devon. Prior to his departure Jamie contacted Malcolm Phipps Sensei (8th Dan) and suggested that his existing students train with SSKI (Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International).

Adam joined SSKI in March 1996 and has gone on from brown belt to achieving the grade of 5th Dan in April 2013. Adam is an accomplished competitor winning both the Kata (forms) and Kumite (fighting) at the SSKI nationals on a number of occasions, and has taken medals at established Shotokan events around the country for several years such as the The Legend Open (Competitor of the Day for two years running), The Shobu–Ippon International Open, WTKO Open and The SEKU Invitational.

Adam has also competed in Romania, France, Holland, Belgium and in the USA, winning medals at major International events, culminating in winning the 2011 WJKA World Championships in Kata. In 2004 Adam was made the SSKI squad coach and the squad has now seen its best run of results for several years. Adam has also trained in Ju–Jitsu and Goju–Ryu Karate during his time at university, where he achieved a 2:1 (Hons) in Sport Science.

Adam has been privileged enough to train with many senior and well–respected Karateka, mainly due to the open attitude of SSKI and Malcolm Sensei in particular. Adam has learnt a great deal from Dave Hazard Sensei, Aidan Trimble Sensei, Richard Amos Sensei, Steve Ubl Sensei, John Mullin Sensei, Terry O’Neill Sensei and Simon Staples Sensei. Adam also recognises the contribution of his own Sensei within SSKI: Malcolm Phipps Sensei (8th Dan), his main sensei for nearly 20 years, and Tony Bunting Sensei (7th Dan) and continues to train with them on a regular basis.