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2010 Shobu–Ippon Karate Championships

Guildford Spectrum Centre – 8th May 2010

Ladies Junior Kata
1st Rachael Houlton (London)
3rd Alison Flowers (Hemel Hempstead)

Ladies Junior Kumite
1st Rachael Houlton (London)

Under 16’s Mixed Black–belt Kata
3rd Arthi Niranjan (Hemel Hempstead) – Empi

Girl’s Senior Kumite (Over 5ft)
3rd Lauren Brooks (Old Basing)

Ladies Team Kumite
2nd SSKI (Karen Snowley, Sarah Brown, Rachael Houlton)

Under 16’s Team Kata
3rd SSKI (Sam Richards, Danny Richards, Cameron West) – Unsu

SSKI Referees/Judges – Jeff Carson, Peter Welch & Nick Forgham
SSKI Timekeeper – Phil Barton

Medal Total – 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 4 Bronze

Another good showing from SSKI and although we didn’t pick up as many medals as last year, this still was an excellent performance. Well done to all who entered and a special well done to Rachael Houlton who picked up both individual winning trophies in the Ladies Junior Kumite and Kata events, therefore repeating the same feat she achieved at the 2009 Portsmouth Open. Also, a special well done to Arthi Niranjan who took 3rd place in one of the biggest events of the day, with just over 60 black-belts in this division alone. It was good to see our Ladies Kumite Team in the medals, only just losing a little dubiously 2–1 in the final. This is an event we haven’t entered for quite a few years so again this was a really excellent result. Also, a special well done to our Under 16’s Kata Team who had to put Cameron West in at the last minute due to Thomas Carson breaking his collarbone in a snowboarding accident the evening before! And with Unsu kata they couldn’t have had a harder kata to practice at the last minute and still they took the bronze medal; well done and many thanks to Cameron for jumping in at the last minute. Other than the results above our Adult Kata Team of Monika Orban, Sarah Brown and Rachael Houlton took a well-deserved fourth spot, as did our second Under 16’s Kata Team of Leah Groom, Petra Ewington and Emily Blundell. Also, many thanks must go to the above Referees and Timekeeper for giving up their valuable time in a very long day’s tournament. Once again, many congratulations to all the above and to all entered.

Double individual winner Rachael Houlton
with her proud Chief Instructor

SSKI Ladies Silver Medal Kumite Team
L to R: Sarah Brown, Rachael Houlton, Karen Snowley

Adam Cockfield sensei scores with a brilliant jodan
mawashi–geri that the referees missed;
just look where the referee is standing!

Arthi Niranjan performing in the Heian rounds
on her way to the bronze medal

Daniel White just about to be attacked at the Shobu Ippon!

Teiki Benveniste sizing up his opponent at the Shobu Ippon!

Rachael Houlton finishing Heian Nidan on her way to gold!

SSKI’s Adam Cockfield picks on the
tallest guy in the tournament!