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On Thursday evening at the Highfield Community Centre dojo in Hemel Hempstead, at the Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International’s first grading of the year, Darshith Biju and Naitik Biju passed their 1st Dan black-belts in real style.  Their instructors, Sensei Malcolm Phipps 9th Dan and Sensei Paul Carvell 5th Dan stated, that it was an excellent grading for two very dedicated students.  They are both a credit to the club, the association and their family and they train twice weekly at the Highfield club.

The panel for this grading was: Sensei Malcolm Phipps 9th Dan, Sensei Paul Carvell 5th Dan and Sensei Siva Niranjan 2nd Dan.  Anyone interested in training at this club, a club that has been training in Hemel Hempstead since 1977, whether adult or child, please ring HH 266048 and ask for details.

PHOTO: L to R: Malcolm Phipps, Darshith Biju, Naitik Biju and Paul Carvell


Also on this evening the following Hemel Hempstead students passed their kyu gradings in front of the same panel.

1st Kyu – Jasmin Al Haddad and Ruth Samuel

4th Kyu – Theo Kalyan

8th Kyu – Aliza Mungur and Mukil Sethupathi

9th Kyu – Amelia McCarthy, Su Hasan and Daniel Harris

Well done to all.


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Sensei Malcolm Phipps 9th Dan, celebrating his 50 years of dedication to the study and teaching of Shotokan karate.

Malcolm Sensei  is totally devoted to teaching karate and passionately continues to pass on his 50 years of considerable experience and knowledge to eager students, past, present and future.

READING GRADING - 22nd May 2023

Brilliant grading at the SSKI Reading club last night with all the students passing their lower kyu gradings. The panel was: Sensei Malcolm Phipps 9th Dan, Sensei Jeff Carson 6th Dan and Sensei Nick Forgham 5th Dan. Well done to all and many congratulations on your next step up the karate ladder.