Updated 19/01/2024


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Malcolm Phipps
No. 3 The Copse
Hemel Hempstead
Hertfordshire HP1 2TA

Sensei Malcolm Phipps 9th Dan awarding Sensei Sunita Saini with her 2nd Dan.

Successful students at the Hemel Hempstead January 2024 Grading.


Superb grading at the Hemel Hempstead dojo this evening and the standard was truly excellent. The results as follows:

2nd Dan Sunita Saini
2nd Kyu Daniel Brooks
5th Kyu Daniel Harris, Su Hasan, Aliza Mungur and Mukil Sethupathi
8th Kyu Tom Brand, Mandy Klonari and Niko Gklavas
9th Kyu Darren Golding, Chantelle Golding and Adam Golding

Well done to all the above on a great grading.

Grading panel: Sensei Malcolm Phipps 9th Dan, Sensei Paul Carvell 5th Dan and Sensei Siva Niranjan 3rd Dan. Also, a huge thank you to Sensei Crystal Close 2nd Dan who helped partner the senior grades for kumite.

Well done to all