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December 2013 Master Class Group Photograph
Course Instructors Sensei Hazard and Sensei Trimble with the Course Host, Sensei Phipps
Successful participants with the grading officers at the December Dan Grading
Alba Kitty White who was born on 9/6/2013 at 01:35 and weighed 3.562kg.
Successful June Dan Grade passes: Amanda Gower, Olivia Christodoulou and Siva Niranjan with the Chief Instructor.
Adam was presented with two certificates: one from the ISKS and one from SSKI.

Christmas Master Class with Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan and Sensei Aidan Trimble 7th Dan… (Hemel Hempstead Honbu Dojo – Sunday 15th December 2013)… What an absolutely brilliant Course and I have only seen the honbu dojo that packed on one other occasion many years ago. Everyone was buzzing and the Course content from these two world class instructors was absolutely excellent. The kata chosen for the day was Nijushiho where Sensei Trimble taught the actual kata movements and Sensei Hazard then taught the bunkai. The kihon session was taken by Sensei Hazard with the kumite session taken by Sensei Trimble and was all about sweeping and put downs. The self–defence session, which was the final hour's training, was with both instructors. What a great Course and the good news is that both instructors have agreed to come back at the same time next year for a repeat Master Class; keep an eye on the website nearer the date for all the details. The only sad part of the day was when Bill Rogers from Cambridge actually snapped his Achilles tendon whilst training in the kihon session. Bill is now in plaster from the base of his knee to the tip of his toes but I am glad to report is in good spirits considering this horrible injury. I would just like to thank Sensei Dave Hazard and Sensei Aidan Trimble for such a great day and look forward to next year's Course. Malcolm Phipps (Chief Instructor) Course Instructors Sensei Hazard and Sensei Trimble with the Course Host, Sensei Phipps

December Dan Gradings… Congratulations to all those who passed their respective Dan grades on Saturday 7th December at the Hemel Hempstead honbu dojo. This was one of the largest Dan gradings for many, many years and the standard was absolutely excellent. Well done to all participants and, of course, a huge thank you to all their sensei. Shodan: Eve Messenger, Christopher Cooper, Niaazul Hoque, Muminah Koleoso. Gary Page, Christopher Allen, Nicholas Callaghan, Phillip Chiverton, Graham Webb, Peer Lustraeten and Joydeep Shil. Nidan: Mark Richards, Philip Barton, Stephanie Farrer, Caspar Mahoney and James Baldwin. Successful participants with the grading officers at the December Dan Grading

New Sho Dan in India… Muzaffar Ali is an Indian filmmaker, fashion designer, poet, artist, music–lover, revivalist, and social worker, and is a member of the Royal Muslim Rajput family of Kotwara. After attending the La Martiniere college he has had a successful career as a film maker and his credits include: Khizan (1995), Aaya Basant Sakhi (1986), Anjuman (1986) (also producer), Kali Mohini (1986), Semal Ki Darakht (1986), Ganga Teri Shakti Apaar (1985), India, an Unusual Environment for Meetings (1985), Sheeshon Ka Masiha (1985), Kue Yaar Mein (1984), Together Forever (1984), Vadakath: A Thervad in Kerala (1984), Sunhare Sapne (1983), Wah! Maan Gaye Ustad (1983), Aagman (1982), Laila Majnu Ki Nai Nautanki (1982), Venue India (1982), Woodcrafts of Saharanpur (1982), Umrao Jaan (1981) (also producer), Vasiqedars, the Pensioners of Avadh (1981), Gaman (1978) (also producer).

All at SSKI say welcome! Shotokan Kihon Ippon Kumite App… I am very pleased to announce the release of a new App on the itunes App store. Shotokan Kihon Ippon Kumite is an App for the iphone, which details the complete Kihon Kumite syllabus as taught throughout the worlds‘ dojo‘s. Whilst all the techniques shown are mandatory within the SKIF organisation, many others including the SSKI regularly practice the same techniques as part of their training. Be it a jodan, chudan, mae–geri, kekomi or mawashi–geri defence, every move has a detailed written description along with a handy translation facility so that students can learn the correct terminology associated with each move. Each kumite drill also includes a video showing a solo performance, as well as a demonstration of the move by two karateka at both slow and fast speeds. There is also a section showing the common stances found within Shotokan along with a video displaying the three main stances found and the common mistakes made by students in their practice. Currently we are working hard on both an Android and ipad version which will be become available over the next few weeks. It is our sincere desire that this App becomes an on–going reference for both students and instructors alike in their journey to Black belt and beyond. For more information together with a brief video please check out our web site at You can also find us on facebook at please remember to hit the ’like‘ button. And finally for all you Twitters you can follow us @DSNkarateapps. We have now discovered that we can ’give away‘ a limited amount of codes so that people can download the App free of charge. I would like to extend our invitation to all lead SSKI dojo Sensei (both in the UK and abroad) to contact me via email on should they wish to receive a code. I must stress this is strictly for lead Sensei only, as we are limited in the number of codes we have available. The Sensei must also understand that currently it is only available to owners of the iphone. Should they own an Android based device then again please contact me and I shall let them know when that version becomes available (a matter of a few weeks hopefully). It is worth mentioning that in the next week or so an edited version of the full App will be available free of charge via iTunes. Again, this will also become available on Android ASAP. On behalf of everyone at DSN Productions Ltd I‘d like to thank you in advance for all your support. Steve Howlett, West Watford

SSKI NEW SSKI MEMBER… Many congratulations to Alison and Daniel on the birth of their baby, Alba Kitty White who was born on 9/6/2013 at 01:35 and weighed 3.562kg. All at SSKI say well done and many, many congratulations!

Jun 8th… Congratulations to all those who passed their respective dan grades this weekend – to Sho Dan: Siva Niranjan and Amanda Gower, and to Ni Dan: Olivia Christodoulou. Successful June Dan Grade passes: Amanda Gower, Olivia Christodoulou and Siva Niranjan with the Chief Instructor.

Jun 1st – Watford Competition… West Watford SSKI took part in the Three Counties Karate Championships held at Caddington Village School just outside of Luton. The competition was organised and run by Sensei Steve Howlett (SSKI) and Sensei Kevin and Vicki Langford (NASK – National Academy of Shotokan Karate). Competitors from West Watford and Croxley Green dojos represented the SSKI whereas the NASK was attended by members from Luton, Caddington and Milton Keynes. Altogether there were just over 80 karateka taking part with an age range of 5 to 50 years of age. It was a great day with many of those taking part experiencing their first ever taste of competition. It was pleasure to see plenty of spectators from all camps who had come along to show their support and a big thanks goes out to all the ladies who organised the canteen area where refreshments could be purchased throughout the day. With the exception of the Pee Wee and senior ladies categories, where we were not represented, all classes were heavily contested. There were many notable performances on the day from SSKI members with many coming away with more than one medal. In the junior classes, competitor of the day went to Dylan Freeman to add to his collection of medals. In the girls kumite, the event was dominated by Kajol Marathe who won all of her contests with a single ippon score and many were impressed with both her speed and technique. In the Youths kumite (16–17 years old) Conor Wardley came through to take Gold in a very tight final with Joe Moore who picked up the Silver and special mention must be given to Saul Kearney who took Silver in the boys over 5 foot kumite despite suffering from a badly bruised hand from a previous bout… true karate spirit! SSKI Black belts did themselves proud with a stunning performance of Gojushiho Dai winning kata Gold for Sensei James Baldwin with Sensei Joe Moore taking the Bronze. Such was the success of the day with very positive comments coming from both participants and spectators that the organisers are already looking to repeat the event next year. Sensei Adam Cockfield is awarded his Godan! At the SSKI Squad training session on Thursday 25th April 2013, Sensei Adam Cockfield was awarded his 5th Dan grade by Sensei Malcolm Phipps 8th Dan and Sensei Tony Bunting 6th Dan, in front of a packed audience of squad members and instructors from nearly all the clubs in SSKI. In a short speech before the actual award, Sensei Phipps commented on how much this grade was deserved as Sensei Adam had put so much into the Association over the last five years. “He is superb coach and an excellent sensei and is one of the very best Shotokan competitors in the country today winning the WJKA world kata title two years ago and has won the Shobu-Ippon, Legend Open and Portsmouth Open titles in kata and kumite on many occasions.” Sensei Phipps continued to say that he was a credit to himself and his family, a credit to the Association and Shotokan Karate in general and a credit to Sensei Phipps and, even much more importantly, a good and loyal friend. Adam was presented with two certificates: one from the ISKS and one from SSKI. Sensei Tony Bunting 6th Dan also added that to gain this very high grade a person needs to have put a lot into the Association and that no–one has done more than Sensei Adam over these last five years. Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan sent his best wishes and totally agreed that this award was very well deserved and congratulated Adam on his excellent promotion. Well done, Adam!

The ‘Little Book of Seishinkai’… The new book (fifth edition) is now available from the Association HQ at a price of £7; syllabus changes, new photographs and Senior Self–Defence all included in this new edition. Many thanks go to Stephanie Farrer for all her hard work in putting this new edition together – thanks Steph, you’re a star!

Congratulations… Many congratulations to Sensei Ram Babu Singh the Chief Instructor to SSKI India on the awarding of his 5th Dan. Well deserved Ram and keep up the good work in New Delhi and India for SSKI.

Dan Grading… Many congratulations to Sensei Paul Carvell on the passing of his 4th Dan grading, which was held at the honbu dojo in Hemel Hempstead on Wednesday 16th January. Well done Paul and truly well deserved.