Competition Results AND NEWS Archive – 2011

News Archive – 2011

L–R: Sarah Brown, Monika Orban, Stacey Barton, Malcolm Phipps, Danny Richards and Lauren Brooks
Arthi Niranjan making a point to take the bronze medal!

Dan Grading… On Saturday 3rd December 2011, at the honbu dojo in Hemel Hempstead, the following students successfully passed their respective Dan gradings: Shodan: Lauren Brooks (Old Basing) and Monika Orban (London) Nidan: Sarah Brown (London) and Danny Richards (Hemel Hempstead) Sandan: Stacey Barton (Hemel Hempstead) Well done to all the above who put up an excellent performance on the day.

JKS 2011 England Open Shotokan Karate Championships – 27th November… Ladies 16–18yrs Cadet Kumite: 3rd Arthi Niranjan – We only took six competitors to this very prestigious tournament, which was absolutely packed with competitors and spectators alike, with many spectators having to stand for the whole day’s proceedings. We were very unlucky in certain categories and had some very harsh refereeing decisions go against us. It does seem that in many tournaments that we enter it is a case of if your face fits etc etc, I do tire of poor refereeing decisions and in many cases blatant cheating by certain referees and judges always plumping for their own students. Also, I personally think it is disgusting when you go to certain tournaments where there are three, four or indeed sometimes five of the same association in all the refereeing and judging chairs. I’m not saying they are all cheating but when there is a very close decision to be made when one of their club or association students are competing, they nearly always take the very biased view and give the decision to their own club or association’s student. I have seen this now for many years but I really do think that this year (2011) it has been very noticeable. I cannot think of another sport that has this problem and I know it is hard to rectify but I do think it is up to the Chief Referee or the organisers to see that any refereeing panel has different association referees or judges in all the positions on the day. Also, I personally thought some of our six competitors looked a little tired after the Portsmouth Open the week before and perhaps two major tournaments in eight days is too much. Well done to Arthi who did very well to win the third place play–off match against a good competitor and to bring home our only medal on the day. Daniel White sensei did extremely well to make the men’s senior kata final and Adam Cockfield sensei also fought really well and made the quarter–finals of the men’s senior kumite event. The senior events on the day had a huge amount of competitors entered in them and most of these events had between 60 and 80 entries in them. I think one plus was that the tournament started dead on time and ran smoothly throughout the day on the three areas. It meant that we all got home at a reasonable time. Another long day but a good one and that is it for another year for outside tournaments. It has been a good year and well done to all the squad and its coaches.

A very happy Sensei Phipps receives his 8th Dan Hanshi certificate from the SSKI Executive Committee
Letter from Sensei Richard Amos 6th Dan, Chief Instructor WTKO
Email from SSKI–USA
A proud Chief Instructor with his 8th Dan certificates
with his Hemel Hempstead dojo students
Sensei Hazard receiving his glass plaque from Sensei Phipps
Successful Dan Grade participants and the panel from the Association’s very positive June Dan grading

Congratulations… to Sensei Malcolm Phipps, who was awarded his 8th Dan during the Sensei Dave Hazard course held on September 24th/25th.

Sensei Dave Hazard’s Autumn Course with SSKI… Wow! What a wonderful weekend. The Course with Sensei Dave Hazard was just amazing and very well attended, and in all honesty if you didn’t have a good excuse why you weren’t there then you don't know what you missed and I have to ask why these people are actually training in karate. The weekend’s Course was all based around kata and the first session worked on the kata Heian Shodan. The second session was all about the kata Heian Yondan and if you thought that this might be a little below your expectations, then think again. I have trained in Shotokan karate now for 39 years and I still learnt and picked up a great deal from these two basic kata. We did a great deal of bunkai with these kata and sensei worked on the transition of the individual movements, not just looking at shapes and the finished movement itself. Absolutely brilliant! Day two was even better attended and the training started off with the more advanced kata, Ji’in. Again, absolutely superb with the dojo buzzing with excitement once this session was finished. As the class was just about to bow out at the end of this session, Sensei Tony Bunting interrupted the proceedings and proceeded to give a speech on my past karate achievements. I personally wondered what the hell was going on but then things became apparent as two large certificates were produced by Sensei Jeff Carson and Sensei Adam Cockfield. A wonderful letter was read out from the WTKO head instructors Sensei Richard Amos and Sensei John Mullin and as Tony finished his speech, then Sensei Dave Hazard took over. I have to say I was very touched by what Sensei Dave had to say about me and it brought a few tears to my eyes to know that someone I hold in the highest regard as the best instructor I have ever trained with actually thought these things about me. I was then presented with two wonderful 8th Dan certificates, one from the ISKS/SSKI and one from the WTKO. The ISKS had also made me up to the shogo title of Hanshi. Everyone then came up and congratulated me and this was just absolutely wonderful and then a photo session took place and these photos, certificates and the wonderful things that were said about me will remain with me until I leave this planet to train in the big dojo in the sky. The final session was similar to day one where Sensei Hazard worked on the kata Heian Godan and again so much was learnt from his magnificent way of teaching, which just brought all of these kata to life. At the end of this session we had a surprise in store for him and after a quick speech by myself presented Sensei Hazard with a glass plaque, which had on it the following words:

TO DAVE HAZARD SENSEI “In appreciation for all your inspiration over the many years” FROM ALL AT ‘SEISHINKAI’

A fitting tribute and ending to a wonderful weekend’s karate and I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Sensei Dave Hazard for such a brilliant weekend and one that will stay in my mind and my students and our guests forever. I personally would also like to thank Sensei Tony Bunting for all his hard work in running around like Secret Squirrel trying to keep the whole day a secret and for all his hard work in getting this award for me. Also, many thanks to the Executive Committee and to Sensei Jeff Carson and Sensei Sue Carson for organising a get–together meal after the Course was over and then opening up their house for drinks afterwards. If I have missed anybody out please forgive me but I am still very much over–awed by the whole day’s proceedings. Sensei Malcolm Phipps (SSKI Chief Instructor) Sensei Hazard receiving his glass plaque from Sensei Phipps

June Dan Grading Results… The following students were successful in passing their respective Dan grades at the Hemel Hempstead honbu dojo on Saturday 4th June 2011: Sandan: Susan Carson, Arthi Niranjan Nidan: Leah Groom, Petra Ewington and Lorraine Redford Shodan: Mark Richards, Philip Barton, Stephanie Farrer, Olivia Christodoulou, Ethan Hagel and Akshay Nugent Successful Dan Grade participants and the panel from the Association’s very positive

June Dan grading July 30th/31st… Ohio Ippon Weekend… The weekend was a huge success from start to finish with good, honest and genuine traditional Shotokan karate on show. It all started with the SSKI USA six–monthly Dan Grading where the Coons brothers (Sam, Joel and Josh) all passed their shodan exam in real style at the honbu dojo of SSKI USA, which is at Springfield Athletic club. The examiners for this very strict and tough test were Malcolm Phipps 7th Dan and Worldwide Chief Instructor to SSKI, Tony Bunting 6th Dan and Worldwide Assistant Chief Instructor to SSKI, Jeff Carson 4th Dan and International Chief Referee to SSKI, Jeff Sanders 3rd Dan and Randy Bodey 3rd Dan who are both SSKI USA senior instructors. Next up on the Saturday was the annual seminar which was taken by Sensei Malcolm Phipps and Sensei Tony Bunting and was held in the Urbana Junior High School gymnasium. The first session was taken by Tony sensei with Malcolm sensei taking the afternoon session. Both sessions were really excellent and very well attended, with the dojo packed with students from SSKI USA, SSKI UK, the Cincinnati Japanese Karate-Do dojo of Sensei Sonny Kim, the Traditional Karate–Do dojo of Sensei Chuck Kerrigan and the Springfield, Ohio dojo. Everyone was buzzing with enthusiasm after this seminar and many lifelong karate friendships were made. This was followed by a cookout and fun at Sensei Randy Bodey’s house, which was a wonderful way to finish a very exciting and a very hot day. Finally, on the Sunday, the first annual Ohio Ippon Traditional Tournament was held at the same venue as the seminar. The camaraderie was amazing and the competition was of an excellent standard and the results can be seen below this article. A brilliant weekend came to an end with everyone saying their goodbyes and looking forward to meeting again in 2012 at this same event. True Shotokan karate at its very best. That same evening another wonderful evening was held at the home of Barry and Lori Hassler and his family where again much fun was had. Tony sensei went back to his home in England on the very next day with the black-belt Carson family of Jeff, Sue, Dougie, Ross and Thomas following suit a day later. Malcolm sensei would be staying for another week and a half teaching at the SSKI USA dojos in Springfield and Mechanicsburg. What a great and very successful weekend and one to be remembered for a long time to come. GOOD JOB!!!!

July 3rd… SSKI Results from the Shikon London International Open Karate Championships at Harlow Leisure Centre: Men’s Senior Shobu–Ippon Kumite – 1st Adam Cockfield Ladies Senior Kumite – 3rd Rachael Houlton Considering the depleted squad that SSKI took to these championships (8 competitors), the above results were an excellent showing in a style of competition karate that we are not totally used to. If the Romanian team hadn’t attended, Adam would’ve picked up two more gold medals in the two kata events that were open to him, as the Romanian men took all three medal positions. Well done to all who took part and especially to Adam and Rachael. June 8th… Many congratulations to Sensei Peter Welch on the passing of his 4th Dan grading; it was an excellent lesson and his interpretation of the kata Nijushiho was superb. Well done Peter!

Sat April 9th… Congratulations to the following students who passed their first ETNA Nunchaku exam today at the Hemel Hempstead dojo: Red Belt: Rachael Houlton, Eve Martinez, Arthi Niranjan, Sarah Brown, Rob Preece, Tony McEvoy, Leah Groom and Cameron West.

SSKI Open Course with Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan… Yet another excellent weekend’s seminar was held with Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan at the Hemel Hempstead honbu dojo of the Association on the weekend of 5/6th February. The course was very well subscribed to and everyone enjoyed all the sessions to the full; it is always great to see instructors and students from other Associations training on these courses and it was really nice to see the likes of Terry and George Oliver, Graham Palmer, Donovan Slue, Paul Herbert and many others at this seminar. The sessions included the kata Tekki Sandan and its bunkai, a self-defence session, an excellent punching session and a session working on stances and distance. Sensei Malcolm Phipps 7th Dan and Chief Instructor to SSKI thanked Sensei Hazard for another fantastic weekend’s karate and now everyone looks forward to his return on the weekend of the 24/25th September 2011. Don’t miss out – they don’t come any better than this!