Competition Results AND NEWS Archive – 2009

News Archive – 2009

4th Dan Grading… Many congratulations to Jeff Carson who passed his 4th Dan Grading on Monday December 14th.

Dan Gradings… Congratulations to all who passed at the Association Dan Grading on Saturday December 12th:

Shodan: Danny Richards, Emily Blundell and Karen Snowley
Nidan: Teiki Benveniste and Thomas Oliver

Sept 19/20 Sat/Sun… Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan – SSKI Open Autumn Course… Another absolutely brilliant SSKI Open Course with Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan was experienced by those who attended on the two days of Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September 2009. Sessions included street situations using our karate skills, the kata Gankaku and its bunkai and an excellent keri (kicking) session to finish the weekend off. At these seminars four instructors from the USA branch of SSKI attended and were in absolute awe of Sensei Hazard and the superb Course. The four, who travelled 8000 miles round trip to train with Sensei Hazard were Randy Bodey 2nd Dan, Jeff Sanders 2nd Dan, Jan Meyer 2nd Dan and Dennis Huff 1st Dan. Sensei Phipps thanked Sensei Hazard for the brilliant weekend and everyone is looking forward to the two Courses with Sensei Hazard in 2010. The dates are 6/7th February and 25/26th September 2010. SSKI–USA instructors with Sensei Hazard, Sensei Phipps and Sensei Banfield. (L–R: Dave Hazard, Randy Bodey, Jan Meyer, Jeff Sanders, Malcolm Phipps, Dennis Huff, Shaun Banfield)

July 4/5th – Sensei Hazard 7th Dan Course… Another brilliant weekend’s course (at the Hemel Hempstead Dojo) with Sensei Hazard, where on the Saturday he covered the kata Gojushiho-dai for the senior grades and on the Sunday close–quarter techniques using the elbows and open-handed techniques. The junior grades were treated to an excellent kicking lesson on the Sunday which involved many intricate ways of improving your mawashi-geri. On the Saturday they concentrated mainly on basics and kata (Heian Sandan and Tekki Shodan). This course was very well attended with guests coming from many different groups and everyone went away with something to work on. Sensei Phipps thanked Sensei Hazard for a wonderful weekend and we all look forward to Sensei Hazard’s return on 19/20th September of this year. Keep an eye on the website for new times and prices for this seminar.

Dan Gradings… At the Association Dan Grading on Saturday 13th June 2009, the following participants were successful in passing their grading:

Shodan: Leah Groom, Petra Ewington, Imran Ullah and Paul Munjic

Nidan: Kaan Yargici, Nicholas Ross–McCall, Anthony Holt and Thomas Carson

New Association Structure… Association Hierarchy – the following positions and titles come into effect from February 2009:

Hemel Hempstead Honbu Black-Belts… Photograph of students that trained on Wednesday 11th February on the Black–Belt only session. The lesson, taken by Sensei Phipps, consisted of the kata Kanku–dai and Jiyu–Ippon line training drills. The next of these lessons will be on Wednesday 11th March. Hemel Hempstead Honbu Black–Belts

SSKI Course (18th January 2009 – Hemel Hempstead dojo)… The course instructors for this were Malcolm Phipps sensei, Tony Bunting sensei and Adam Cockfield sensei. The course was split into three groups, using three separate halls and each sensei worked on one important aspect of Shotokan karate (kata, kumite and kihon); this was one of the most successful SSKI courses held for many a year. Many thanks to all three instructors and here’s to the next similar course on Sunday 5th April. Please also see your club’s AGM Minutes for some very important changes, especially to Dan Gradings, Squad Training sessions and Black–belt only lessons.